Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Descent


Soooo, a while ago someone kept posting comments to old comics in mandarin or something, and I think it was spam, so I set commenting to "moderation required", but blogger doesn't effing ping you when you get comments you need to moderate! Anyways, that's done with now forever.

If people try to post spam in mandarin to this blog, instead of switching to comment moderation, I will hunt them down like Sean Connery in a submaine.


Jessika said...

Here's hoping you feel much better in the months to come. Being sick is no fun, but it's worse if there isn't any one to support you when you need it.

firebus said...

you've built up a lot of suspense here...i'm expecting a dark and sinister denouement involving alien abduction, exo-parasites, sudden acquisition of ninja fighting skills, and a prophecy written when the earth was still young...

Tessa said...

Yes, it does actually turn out to be a perfect storm of the fifth element/the mummy returns/ and lord of the rings prophecies causing me to become reluctantly involved in an epic battle of evil and good, of which I am the burdened chosen one who must persevere despite all odds and the fact that I am leading only a small, ragged, gang of rebels to what is probably our eventual death at the hands of the aliens.

Sam said...

Good golly, Tessa. I hope you feel better soon. That's a really crappy thing to have happen.

I went to Wordstock this weekend with my girlfriend, and someone was selling Grass #3 and I was all like, yeah I've met her no big deal guys and everyone was super impressed.

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