Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comic Readin' at Modern Times Bookstore!

Next Thursday, June 25th! You. Me. Comics. Cool people. How can you resist?


firebus said...

how do you do a comic reading? is there a projector? or will you just describe the images with extreme precision?

Tessa said...

"Yeah, so in THIS panel, there's a guy standing outside and he says..."
Actually, it's on a projector. I'm a little terrified to see my stuff that size. Terrified and thrilled, of course.

Jess W said...

I really wish I could be there for this pivotal event. Instead I'm just square in NYC.

Sean Wraight said...

This is great news Tessa! If I could be there (the jet pack in in the shop) I would be sitting in the front row!

Best of luck I just know you will be the best of the bunch!

Tessa's Braces Fanclub President
(Canadian Chapter)

LardyRevenger said...

Me and the entire Flipmode Squad will be there! But this shizz better be banging!

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