Monday, April 28, 2008

Portland: A Photo BANAZA!

Prepare yourself for the blow-by-blow photo EXPLOSION of Stumptown AWESOME. It was so exciting and inspiring, and totally exhausting, and I appreciate you, dear reader, indulging my quasi-slideshow below of my first time in portland, which was pretty rockin.
This was mah booth, on saturday morning before anyone else had gotten there (note to self: punctuality is CLEARLY not an important part of becoming a cartoonist.)
Jason and Calvin, my tablemates!
Amity and Brent visit!
My first customer (totally NOT Brent).
Stumptown gets going...
That night, at cosmic monkey:
Amity gets drunk and rocks her mustard colored shirt. Seriously, who do you know that can wear mustard? Way to hustle, Amity.
Amity, handler, groupie, enabler, number one fan, and booth wench.
Monday morning, Amity and Brent waylay me on the way to the airport for some coffee. It's early for everyone, but I'm sad to go.
And lastly, a wee airport sketch, when I was thinking about how good it felt going to the airport on friday, listening to the Byrds "Turn, turn, turn". Right after I finished this sketch I realized that I had left my small blue suitcase unattended somewhere in the airport, and then found out it had been picked up by security. Then I had to go ransom it out of the bowels of the airport. Photobucket


Heather K. said...

Damn! I'm so jealous. We went to Portland Zine Fest last year and it was super fun, and I hear Stumptown is even better! I wish I could have been there...

I hope you made some bling!!


Zhaf said...

Hey, it was great to see you there. I enjoyed your mini-comic, and I noticed that Craig Thompson was enjoying it too when I saw him at his booth later that day.

Jose de Leon said...

Hey... You and Amity rock. I had a great time out there in Portland and I'd definitely like to see you in the Bay again. The books are great -- thanks again. Hope you all got back safe.

amityb said...

Thank you for putting a picture of me at 7:30 in the morning after literally rolling out of bed. Cheers. Lady I expect you to draw all those pictures of me and Brent rather than snap them. You could do a very artsy representation of me with puffy eyes and all hungover and demanding that you do an interpretive dance rendition of the Harry Potter series rather than telling me to read them to find out if Harry dies or not.

David said...

I know you are lying about it not being Brent because you spelled it properly unlike you normally do.

Tessa said...

Well, if by "making bling", you mean I had less money than when I started out, but oddly enough wound up with about ten Sacajawea's which look sort of like pirates gold which I have now been hoarding in my room and placing pirate curses on, then yes, I DID totally make some bling. And also amity, if me acting out the harry potter series in interpretive dance so that you can find out if harry dies at the end will make you forgive me for posting you and brent looking sleepy (YET ADORABLE) on my blog, than I will totally do so. Also, david, what's this crazy talk? His name it tewtally sepelled write! thruout the bleg!

David said...

Somewhere along the way I forgot to leave out about your spelling of totally right and him not being your first customer. I guess my mind still keeps flashing back to your last cartoon before you left and has me disorientated. For the first time in my life I will say, my bad!

PDX Nacho Blog said...

I still think the cats brought a look of sophistication to the table.


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